We as a brand believe that EVERYONE has the power to grow exponentially in all aspects of their lives. Whether that growth is physical, mental, or emotional, we want to be the brand you grow exponentially in. 

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    It's almost impossible to find athletic apparel that's actually functional, which is why we created next-level apparel. With functional features like built-in pockets (that actually work), reflective detailing, and specific fabric blends, our pieces are made to hold up in high intensity activity. Say goodbye to constantly pulling up your leggings, adjusting your reflective bands, and holding your phone on your runs. 


    You should ALWAYS feel confident, cute, and powerful in your athletic apparel. We strategically designed our pieces to be the most flattering clothing you have ever put on your body. Your new favorite leggings have no front seam (goodbye cameltoe) and the most flattering back seam for the booty, so you can workout in confidence and style. 


    You should never sacrifice comfort for cuteness. We bring you both with our unique designs and fabric blends made to move WITH you, not against you. Working out is hard enough as it is, so make it more comfortable wearing EXPNTL ATHLETICS, and watch yourself grow.